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How Does It Work?
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Online Community or Online Marketplace?

At SCHOLAURA, we’re often asked, “Are you an online community or an online marketplace?” The simple answer: We’re both!

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Online Learning Community

When you join SCHOLAURA, you join an online community of people who are passionate about learning. This means that others support you in your learning, and you support others in their learning. It’s a win-win journey!

You can join official forums on subject areas or educational topics that interest you, or you can create forums that fit the interests of you and your social network. That way, everyone will reach their educational goals sooner.

Within each forum, you can post questions and get answers from those who know, or you can share your expertise by answering questions posted by others. At SCHOLAURA, we’re taking social learning to a new level!

Online Tutoring Marketplace

When you sign up for SCHOLAURA, you gain access to an online marketplace where students can search a directory for the most suitable tutors, and tutors can advertise their services to get just the right students.

Students love the easy-to-use search features of our directory of tutors. Tutors appreciate how simple it is for them to upload their profiles and qualifications. We pride ourselves on our student-tutor matching capabilities!

If you’re a student, feedback received by tutors from other students will help you choose an amazing tutor. If you’re a tutor, you’ll have the opportunity to provide context by responding to feedback. At SCHOLAURA, it’s all good.

SCHOLAURA is creating an automated tour of the platform. When it’s ready, it’ll be made available on this page. In the meantime, we’re offering a personal tour to anyone who books an appointment with us.