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About Us and Our Vision

SCHOLAURA combines the best of in-person and online tutoring services. You get the personal touch usually only found in topnotch in-person services combined with the freedom and power that comes with being online and using the latest technology.

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The Founders

SCHOLAURA has its roots in an in-person tutoring service that was operated by Shafik Nanji and Lindsey Arnold for eight years in the Halifax region of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Shafik and Lindsey are highly experienced educators with master's degrees in education. They have a thorough knowledge of the educational system and love helping others fulfill their teaching and learning potential.

Their approach to education is student-centered and holistic, which means that curriculum and teaching is adapted to the learning style and interests of the student.

Shafik and Lindsey understand the participatory and interpersonal nature of learning and are committed to optimizing the teaching-learning interactions that occur between students and their tutors.

They firmly believe that education should be for the betterment of society and for the health and harmony of the planet as a whole. It is for this reason they spent a year developing curriculum for Gross National Happiness in the Himalayan country of Bhutan.

Shafik and Lindsey established SCHOLAURA with the idea of using technology to improve education and providing more and more learners with resources for success. Both of them bring their passion for education and for helping others to their roles as administrators of SCHOLAURA.

Our Purpose

The SCHOLAURA website was officially launched in April of 2014. The website enables the same quality tutoring services that were once offered in-person to be delivered online.

The founders are convinced that the future of education lies in the effective integration of technology. At SCHOLAURA, we currently use technology to enhance the quality of interactions between students and tutors.

Our long-term vision is to create a vibrant, online community of self-directed learners and to provide them with the human and educational resources they need to flourish.

The fact that SCHOLAURA grew out of an in-person tutoring service and that the founders are experienced and dedicated educators is what makes SCHOLAURA different. We have the know-how to respond effectively to the needs of our students and tutors.

We believe in the unfolding of individual potential and attempt to create a nurturing environment where teachers and learners can achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

We hire only the most promising tutors and provide them with training, support and guidance.

We find each student the right tutor and supply resources for tutoring sessions when required. We also continuously improve our services based on the feedback we receive.

SCHOLAURA is in the process of adding new features that will benefit learners and tutors. We are working toward our vision of a community of self-directed learners who have access to all the resources they need to succeed.

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